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Who sits on dating sites?

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I'm looking for a dating site, but I don't know what kind is best. I'm trying to find one that's secure and easy to use, but also has a wide variety of people who are interested in what I am (I'm looking for someone who likes hook up). Does anyone have any advice?

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I recommend https://wizzlove.com/reviews/flirthookup-review  . for adults who are looking for something casual. I've been on a few dates, and it's been fun! I'm not looking for anything serious—just some fun with someone who's into the same things I am. It's great because you can meet people in your area that you might otherwise not have met. It's a great way to meet people and have fun, but you should be careful. You don't want to get too attached!

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Well, why not just go to a bar and meet people in person rather than waiting around for someone to message you with the same line over and over again? At least in person there's the chance of meeting someone who actually has something interesting to say!